Golf Instruction Videos

TrackMan versus Foresight GC3

How does my new GC3 stack up against the TrackMan??

Foresight GC3 Review

We got a new launch monitor in the academy. How good is it?

Zac Radford hits his MAX!

Zac was in for a driver tune up. So why not try and hit it has hard as possible?

Zac needed to clean up his iron swing. Check out what we did for him!

Ep #120 - JGB is back with Doug Lawrie!

It’s been awhile since I brought back the podcast and I thought it appropriate to bring back the best coach Canada has to offer. The man the myth the legend, Doug Lawrie! 

Jeff has been a mentor of mine for a long time now. He’s always cooking up something new and I’m just trying to figure out what that is half the time! Sit back and learn about how to get the most out of virtual coaching!

Ep #122 - Miss State PGA Golf Management with
Director Adam Scott

Adam and I have know each other for almost 15 years now and were in school at the same time for a brief moment. Now he is in charge of the program that we both once attended. This is a great episode for those that are interested in getting in the business. 

This is a must listen for any junior golfer out there because Andrew absolutely kills it with life lessons. If you’re someone who struggles with the journey of junior golf, I highly recommend you listen to this!