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Like a Tour Pro (2.6 million views)

Today you’re going to find the best way to pure those irons, get some distance back in there, and hit them straight, high, and knock down some flagsticks.


I have a lot of golfers ask me how to swing faster. This simple move that I learned from Mike Adams is a great way to think about the golf swing when you want to increase your club speed! Let me know what you think down in the comments!

Breaking 90 Series with Andrew

Andrew has monster strength. Today we’re working on getting that monster drive dialed in.

In this video we use TrackMan to see how elevation affects our golf ball. I’m not talking about a few yards up or down a hill. I’m talking if you went and played in the mountains versus playing a sea level. TrackMan’s normalization feature allows us to see how our yardages will change!

Weird way to fix the flip

We’re so close to seeing the inside of my academy! The next video you see will be from inside the new studio! Anyways, here’s a fun and creative way to work on getting rid of your flip in the golf swing! The little driver I have is called Tgolf

We’re back and we are giving Andrew a tune up with the long irons. Hitting long irons can be difficult for a lot of golfers! In this video I’m going to show Andrew how to hit his long irons like Tiger Woods!